@ ZKM Karlsruhe

Live VJ tube TV Installation for Kamuna 2018 at ZKM Karlsruhe on 8/4/2018, as well as interactive visuals on the LED wall of the cube. Benjamin Miller controlling audio on the subs (no sound yet unfortunately).



an intermedia performance piece, 2018

This audiovisual work began during my Intermedia Art course at Stanford in Winter 2018. All sounds, words, and visuals were created by myself, except for the aerial background footage, which is from FBI surveillance helicopters during the 2015 Baltimore protests for Freddie Gray.


Performed at the CCRMA Open House on the CCRMA stage (Stanford University), February 8th, 2018.

Final Project Performance for Intermedia Workshop at CCRMA stage (Stanford University), March 15th, 2018.



Barbara Nerness

This piece was recorded in October 2013 at The Integratron, an acoustically shaped dome, in Landers, CA. Movement II was released in Issue No. 5: Field Guide by Mudthroat Records.


Karte Kinski

Karte Kinski was a four-piece band led by myself. We formed in 2011, performed around the Bay throughout 2012, and recorded an album in January 2013. You can listen below and buy cassettes or CDs over on bandcamp!

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