RIP my favorite pair of specs: an ode to WWII developments in plastics and their slow erosion from my salty sweat

your two arms 

that once did hug my face

now receive the eternal hug from earth

where i lay thee to rest.

your two temples

to whom my peripheral eye 

did pray each day

please receive this final prayer.

your two lenses

that once guarded me

from rain and nats and kisses 

may at last let thy guard down.

your mighty bridge

who saved thy body from drowning in

the river of my tears

every time

may now sink into the soft mud.

may you sip whisky by the beach with a sunhat on

in your 1959 plasticine heaven 

and look back fondly upon the times we shared

as no one else witnessed them quite like you.

much love,

ms. barbry allen carver